Rolling around in it

My friend Marc recently twittered that people who say where they work and then say ‘and loving it’ should go to a special hell reserved for paedophiles and people who talk in the theatre (or something like that, I’ve forgotten the exact words and instead quoted my friend Si quoting Firefly). Two months ago I would have agreed with him. Now, bizarrely, I think I am one of those people. I’m a copywriter, and I love my job. True, I’ve only been there almost six weeks and most people have laughed pityingly at me when I’ve said I love it, and replied ‘Come back and tell me that in six months’, but at the moment, I thoroughly love it, and I’m so grateful that I’ve gone from having the job from hell (they made me do MATHS) to a job I can do, and want to do.

An interesting fact about writing for a travel brochure is that you frequently have to say ‘enjoy’, or variants thereof. And an interesting fact about the word ‘enjoy’ is that there are hardly any synonyms for it. I tend to resort to ‘delight in’ or ‘revel in’, but when you have to keep an eye on the word count, that extra word can be a kicker. But luckily I am not too proud to thesaurusise (this should be a word), as today I found the best alternative ever to ‘enjoy’:

Roll around in.

My computer thinks this is an acceptable option. So I asked my boss if she had rolled around in her lunch. She looked at me funny.

So this gist of this post is that I am a copywriter – and rolling around in it.


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