On the subject of cows (we are, before you ask, for proof look at this post that is sort of about cows) I would like to tell a story from the incredible NatMandaLisa roadtrip of 2010. We went to Germany (for proof look at this excellently filmed and edited video). Natalie drove, and looking back I’m not sure why we decided that was a good idea as Natalie is the only person I know who just sometimes doesn’t notice when a traffic light is on red. I think at the time the deciding factor was that Natalie had a brand new mini, which overrode her inherent blindness. The blindness goes someway to explaining the following:

Natalie: Oh look – a field of beautiful horses!
Amanda: … Those are cows.
Natalie: Oh.

A bit later we were driving through Hannover.

Natalie: (a note of pride in her voice) I can tell that’s a cow!
Amanda: You are pointing at a sculpture of an elephant.
Natalie: It’s a cow!
Amanda: It’s got tusks and a trunk.
Natalie: Oh.

I love Natalie.

On another note, here is a picture of a cow that is also a monkey:


Do you see it? It’s like a magic eye picture!

One thought on “Cows

  1. Amazing photo, actually took me a few goes to see moomoo’s face was upturned perhaps a reaction of the ticklemonster? Or at seeing you eat a burger? Either way don’t go in the field for a hug as they can trample you to a nasty end as was shown in that ther film about the journo who had the snozzle job. Tamara Drew or something similar and equally banal.

    Also, the idea that there is a woman on the road who struggles to tell the difference from those two, somewhat similar mammals suggest that either a trip to the optometrist is required or remedial college. Perhaps both with some urgency before red and green become interchangeable? Maybe it’s all the elephant milk she’s been consuming.


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