I, if I bumbled

Libbie Fudim. Google her. Or just check this page out: Bibsy

She’s a one woman quote machine. A friend once called me that after I had christened Boasters ‘the Ferrero Rochers of the biscuit world’, which looking back was quite accurate, and I stand by it, but I would say that would make me a one quote woman, as I’ve not come out with anything like as insightful in the years since. Libbie Fudim, you deserve the one woman quote machine crown, and I am happy to concede it to you.

I would be, that is, IF Libbie Fudim was a real person.

But I do not think she is. If you do any more research on her, you’ll come up with nothing. Except her quotes, popping up on quote websites everywhere. I had to compile a list of quotes to go out in a quarterly newsletter, and recognised the names W.Shakespeare, H.Melville, O.Wilde. I did not, however, recognise L.Fudim, or her quote “Recall it as often as you wish – a happy memory never wears out”.  So I googled her.

Nothing – except more quotes, none of which seem to follow any pattern. One minute she’s coming out with greeting card lines like the one above, the next she’s saying ” I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally.” Where’s the sunny demeanour and the optimistic outlook gone, Bibs? Who is this person who has no Wikipedia page, yet has so many pearls of wisdom recorded for all time attributed to her name? It makes no sense.

So I did what any normal person would do. I typed her name into an anagram solver.

It came up with “I fib bum lied’. I FIB BUM LIED! That says it all, really. It also offered “I, if I bumbled” and “Imbibe fluid” which are admittedly less damning but I think we’re all agreed that someone with a name you can get ‘Lied’, ‘Fibbed’ and ‘Bum’ out of is a made up name.

So whoever you are, you who put a bunch of half-cut quotes out into the webosphere and attributed it to Libbie Made Up Name Fudim, I salute you. I like fibs. And lies, and bums to that matter, if the bum is nice enough.

And to finish, this happened just this second, as I was finishing up:

What you doing?” Ian asked, eager for anything to distract him from the studying he should be doing.
“Blogging about Libbie Fudim,” I replied, tippy tapping away.
“Who’s she?” he asked, feigning interest.
“EXACTLY!” I cried triumphantly, channelling the milk advert from about a million years ago.

Whilst you’re  madly Googling Libbie, google ‘Anagram’. Google’s suggestion always makes me smile.

I’m going to go and have a glass of milk now.

One thought on “I, if I bumbled

  1. Amada, thanks for this page. I’ve often wondered about “Libby Fudim” and who that person is. I too have never found any info about him/her. One of my favorite quotes is attributed to Libby Fudim:
    “How sweet it is when the strong are also gentle.” -Libby Fudim
    I don’t know where I found that quote but it existed before the Internet. I had it in my files as early as the 1980’s. I probably found it in one of my hard copy quote books.



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