I am looking forward to the day I get a puppy. I have always wanted a puppy, but instead my mum and dad fobbed me off with hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils and bunnies*. Then when we finally acquired a dog it was by way of my great uncle who couldn’t look after his middle aged Westie anymore. This grumpy, grubby bundle of fur fit into our house perfectly, although he growsed at anyone who contemplated picking him up, bit the foot of the hand that was trying to feed him (I still have a fangmark just above my toes), piddled pretty much wherever he damn well pleased, and until we lost him nearly two years ago to the day, nursed a reluctant friendship with the chubby but beautiful Lhasa Apso that we also managed to acquire mid-way through a lifespan.

So though I have had two wonderful, gorgeous pooches, someone else got to enjoy the puppy stage, and I feel its about time I got a go. Ian and I have decided to get two dog-o-logs, as soon as our circumstances permit. Two so they can keep each other company when we’re at work, much like Westie and Lhasa used to (luckily my dad is now retired, so the Lhasa still gets to hang out with a grumbly old chap), and we get to choose the breed. Then we’ll breed them, just so I can get an good overdose of puppy love. And then we can sell them to people. Share the love! And get some monies for the love! … in a good, wholesome, puppy sharing way, not any other money-for-love type deal.

Unsurprisingly, I have chosen a Westie as my breed. Ian is undecided, but he saw a Schnauzer the other day, and was quite taken.

“If we breed them, we could call it a Schnestie!” I told him.

Ian nodded and said nothing. I thought about it. I felt like I was missing something… something awesome.

Then it hit me.

“Omigod Ian – we could call it a Wauzer! A WOWSER!”

Ian nodded, and conceded to the awesomeness.

“It is catchier.”

I just googled it and someone else got there first. Surprisingly, no one called it a Schnestie.

Schnestie puppy! Turn down the volume to avoid bad noise

Why do people always put terrible music onto videos of puppies? Sure, I like to while away the hours watching videos of cute puppies on youtube, but why does that mean I’ll like terrible remixes of the dancing hamster song?

Yeah okay I just re-read that and I get it now.

*Bunnies are awesome. Not quite as good as a puppy, but watching a baby bunny clean its ears is one of the basic joys in life. Especially if the bunny has gonky ears.

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