The other day Ian and I went to see the fireworks at Leeds Castle with our friend Jon. I bought a bag of Rowntree’s Randoms in the petrol station and to pass the time in the car, we played ‘Guess The Sweet’. I don’t know if you’ve experienced Rowntree’s Randoms, but if so you’ll know that they live up to the hype. One sweet will be a car, the next a saw, the next an ice cream; there seems to be no reason nor rhyme to it. They also pretty tasty, and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t really like sweets (except for jelly babies and percy pigs). So whoever guessed what sweet I’d picked, got to eat it. Unfortunately, Ian insisted on guessing ‘unicorn’ for most of his turns, and Jon actually turned out to be pretty good, which meant he got most of the sweets, and Ian got all riled up.  We all know how good Ian is at guessing games so it is perhaps unsurprising that the following conversation played out as it did…

The next sweet is a snowman. I try to hint to Ian what it is so he can get the sweet, as Jon’s won the last three or four.

Me: This comes to life at a certain time of year…
Ian: Santa?
Me: Er, right time of year, wrong guy. Also, that doesn’t any make sense.
Ian: Ok, not Santa. Erm. The Easter Bunny?
Me: No.
Ian: Er. A pumpkin?
Me: No.
Ian: A uni-
Ian: Fine.
Me: You’re REALLY COLD RIGHT NOW (wink wink)
Ian: Oh, ok… The Abomidable Snowman?
Me: Oooh, you’re so close…
Ian (getting excited): A yeti? Is it a yeti?!
Me: No, go back!
Ian: … a unicorn?
Me: No. It isn’t a unicorn. Go forward.
Ian: A yeti?
Me: No!
Ian: Bigfoot?? Is it Bigfoot?
Me: No! It isn’t Bigfoot!
Ian: Is it a shoe?

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