A year or so ago a work friend told me a joke about what to do if your pet bear gets stuck in a tree and all you’ve got to lure him down with is a bit of cheese. When he told me the punchline, he threw his arms wide and shouted it with an expression of pure glee, and that’s what I’ve tried to channel every time I retell it (which is often – it’s a joke that incorporates cheese AND bears, what’s not to love? It’s literally the best joke in the world) . Yesterday at work, my new neighbour Ben tried to tell it, having just heard it on the radio (I think it might be a cracker joke, as it often resurfaces this time of year), but as he got to the punchline I got a bit overexcited, threw my arms wide and shouted COME ON BEAR!! (that being the punchline, I’m not insane). Unfortunately it was at the time of day where the office is at its quietest, and so everyone stared at me. I think they might have assumed my nickname for Ben is Bear (Gentle Ben… geddit?) and I was angling for a hug. Whatever they thought, they’ve all avoided me since.

Let’s hope no one asks me what cheese you need to hide a horse.

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