Today my friend Matt and I went for a walk for lunch around the woodland area that surrounds our work. As we walked and chatted about nothing in particular, I thought I might pick up the odd dry stick, because we’ve had a wood burner installed at home and we’ve run out of kindling. Matt said nothing as I collected more and more, and soon I had a good bundle. Just as we got back to the car park area, Matt said, thoughtfully

“So… what are you going to do with those?”
“I’ll just leave them here,” I said “and pick them up when I go home.”

“Oh!” he said. “I see! They’re for your wood burner!”
“Yes…” I said, in bafflement. “Wait – why did you think I was collecting sticks if you’ve only just now remembered I have a wood burner?”
“Well at first, you picked up one, and I thought, some people like to pick up sticks on a walk so they can swishy-swoosh it around.” He really did say swishy-swoosh, and he made a swishy-swoosh action to demonstrate what he meant. “But you didn’t swishy-swoosh it, and then you picked up a second stick, and I thought, hum, perhaps she’s going to discard the first one, but you didn’t, and then a third stick was added, and after that I just didn’t know what to think.”
” So… you thought I was just wandering around with a bundle of sticks for no real reason?”
“Hum. Well, you are very eccentric like that.”

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