She is now almost 16 months old and hitting 17 month old milestones. She can say mama, Dada, nana, papa, werhwa (Sara); duck (duk), dog (doh), tortoise (totu), apple (appa), ball (bawh). She can ee ee like a mouse, rarh like a lion, oo oo like a monkey.

We were in a card shop the other day and she pointed at all the cat cards and said “naaaow” (miaow) and at all the owls and said “awh”. She’s made up the word “bitica” and she sometimes likes to say it quickly so it runs together “biticabiticabitica” and sometimes she likes to blow a raspberry on the t so it comes out “bithhhhica”.

She will go and get objects you ask her to fetch and more often than not give them to the person you ask her to.

She’s adventurous. She’ll clamber up all the stairs on her own but if you hold her hand she’ll take each stair in one unfeasibly giant stride, like a puppet on a string.

If she’s in the right mood she’ll toddle over for a cuddle or even a kiss. Kisses entail offering up her face to be kissed by you. She does not do the work.

She likes to be greeted enthusiastically and if you don’t greet her enthusiastically enough she’ll just ignore you for a while until you do enough to be forgiven.

She still won’t consistently eat anything but cheese, noodles, crisps and biscuits. More often than not yoghurts are accepted but not guaranteed to go in. My mum tricked her into eating a potato waffle earlier by chopping it up and putting it in an empty crisp packet. She ate the whole thing. Sometimes she’ll wind me up by placing a full spoonful of food inside her wide open mouth, then very deliberately takes it back out again without tasting any, all the while keeping unblinking eye contact.

She goes to sleep in her own bed at about 8.15 usually and then wakes up to come into our bed anywhere between 12.30 and 3. I love it when she’s in the bed and asleep. Sometimes I’ll feel her little hand patting my back as she sleeps, or on very rare occasions she’ll nestle into the crook of my arm and sleep. In the mornings she is a joy, all smiles and “mama, mama”, “Dada, dada”.

She’s good natured but not a pushover. She’s impish but not naughty. She’s determined and stubborn and funny. A wind up merchant. Affectionate and solemn. She assesses people before deciding whether to interact with them or not. I wish i was a bit more like her!

2 thoughts on “Bitica

  1. This is an absolutely adorable piece of writing! I love how you describe all her little ways so accurately and -actually – you are a LOT like her! 😊

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