My baby’s baby

We went shopping the other day with my sister who is a real sucker for buying Thea presents. On this occasion Thea got a bit fixated with a small gobliny doll that is kind of cute and really ugly at the same time. It’s (her?) eyes are almost the same brown as Thea’s and as soon as my sister saw Thea looking at it she picked it up and took it to the till.

It’s (her?) name is Baby, and now instead of smiling sleepily and murmuring “Mama, Mama”, Thea snaps awake in the morning and calls “Baby! Baby!”, as though Baby will come running.

She has taken to toddling into the utility room with Baby, leaving her on the floor, then toddling back into the kitchen to sit inelegantly on the floor. Then she pats the floor and cajoles, “Baby, Baby…” until I give in and carry Baby over to her as though it is waddling along the floor. Thea then clasps her to her bosom and coos delightedly, “Baby.”

She will play a game where she pretends she had lost Baby. Standing in the middle of the lounge she will anxiously call “Baby?! Baby?!” Until I indicate where Baby is ‘hiding’, at which point Thea rushes over, exclaiming in relief, “Baby!!”


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