I’m a writer, wife and dedicated doggy-mummy living in the sunny south coast of England. My blog is mostly compiled of musings on the strange occurrences that make up my day to day life, but you’ll find the odd painting or recipe here too.

Not many people call me Mandabug anymore. It’s a nickname from when I was about sixteen, and was started by a drunk girl sitting on a train platform in Walmer, which is where I spent a small chunk of my formative years. Walmer, I mean, not specifically on the train platform. Though trains being what they are, I probably spent more time waiting on platforms than I planned to.

As nicknames go, it isn’t a bad one. I’ve had worse, and I’m sure you have too.



5 thoughts on “Mandabug

  1. Oh yeah, in Jr. High I got my first pair of glasses – they were huge (as was the trend in the 80s) and pink and my one eye was maginified more than the other- due to poor technology. It took one day for my best friend to give me the nickname “Buggles” – I threw them away after lunch period and told my mom I lost them. It would be 38 years before I got my second pair of glasses.


  2. When I was about 8, I tried to rebrand myself with a cool new nickname as I felt the rather prosaic “Stuart” was holding me back. I came up with “Sketch”, seeing as my party trick at the time was drawing an uncannily accurate Sonic the Hedgehog (and, in truth, this remains my greatest skill to date).

    “Sketch” didn’t last long. Instead, it’s the nicknames that others make for you that stick. It was thus that my two defining characteristics in adult life – an ability to work Microsoft’s dreadful presentation software, and an odd posture which involves me sticking my groin out – were combined in a nickname which has haunted me since – “Powerpoint”.


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