What’s in a name

Roughly a million years ago I half-arsedly posted a list of funny things Ian says, so I could feel as though I had updated my blog and could thusly feel better about sitting on the sofa eating M&Ms (is it just me who calls these nyemnyems?). This was cheating and I knew it, and the … More What’s in a name


Today my friend Matt and I went for a walk for lunch around the woodland area that surrounds our work. As we walked and chatted about nothing in particular, I thought I might pick up the odd dry stick, because we’ve had a wood burner installed at home and we’ve run out of kindling. Matt … More Swishy-swoosh

Bert and Ernie

A while ago my sister left her first real, grown up job for her next real, grown up job. I had only one piece of advice for her. Well, probably lots of inane bits of advice too, but for dramatic narrative let’s pretend I just had the one, wise bit of wiseness to impart. When … More Bert and Ernie


Iceland – the home of the Northern Lights, the Blue Lagoon, the best hot dogs in town, and so much more… Iceland first entered my ‘Essential Things To Do’ list in brackets, almost as an afterthought. Like this: See the Northern Lights (Iceland). And that’s why I went, with the express intention of seeing nature’s … More Iceland


It has finally happened. The day I have waited for all my life. We are the proud owners of a puppy. His name is Barney and he is a jack-chi-pom-shih. In other words, a tiny mut with massive ears and an obsession with chewing my hair and my toes. And anything else he can find, … More Barney