Silver linings

My eyesight isn’t very good. My eager-to-please nature meant that whenever I visited the opticians I would try my best to read the letters on the board, screwing up my nose and squinting my eyes in order to get it right. I would usually walk out with a clean bill of eye-health, but as I … More Silver linings


I don’t get Facebook memories. By that I don’t mean I don’t understand it (the concept isn’t that hard to grasp, even for my tiny mind), or that I don’t remember anything Facebook-related (I remember… everything). For some reason, I am just not allowed that feature. Denied. I have a secondary Facebook account that I … More Memories


My nana just rang to see if I wanted a cup of tea. I told her I’d be over as soon as I finished playing Scrabble with Ian. “Don’t cheat, you naughty girl!” she said, inexplicably. When the game was done I rang her to check it was still okay to pop over. “Who won?” … More Scrabble

Knickers and shoes

I was away over Valentine’s Day, visiting family in Devon. I stayed in a guesthouse on Torquay seafront with my sister and her gorgeous baby Mimface, aka the apple of my eye. We stayed up late, sometimes as late as 9pm, colouring a page of our adult colouring book that featured some particularly bonkers looking … More Knickers and shoes

What’s in a name

Roughly a million years ago I half-arsedly posted a list of funny things Ian says, so I could feel as though I had updated my blog and could thusly feel better about sitting on the sofa eating M&Ms (is it just me who calls these nyemnyems?). This was cheating and I knew it, and the … More What’s in a name