“You know,” my dad said when I saw him last. “Sometimes I’ll be out in the garden, gardening, and I’ll suddenly realise that I’ve been singing the ‘Popeye’ theme tune, out loud, for quite a long time. It totally ruins my day.” I love my dad. Also Ian McKellen impressions: Popeye the Sailorman  

Doctor Who?

Ian and I went for Sunday roast with my family earlier, as we usually do. It’s always an amusing affair, usually because my nana is off following her own train of thought and throws the odd non-sequitur in at a crucial juncture. Here is what happened this week. “Did you like the peas?” my mum … More Doctor Who?


My dad met me for lunch today. We’d finished eating and were sat in companionable silence, when Dad remembered something from his idyllic morning (all his mornings are idyllic now he’s retired). “You know,” he started, leaning back in his chair. “I went into the garden today and one of the pigeons was having a … More Pigeon