What’s in a name

Roughly a million years ago I half-arsedly posted a list of funny things Ian says, so I could feel as though I had updated my blog and could thusly feel better about sitting on the sofa eating M&Ms (is it just me who calls these nyemnyems?). This was cheating and I knew it, and the … More What’s in a name


It has finally happened. The day I have waited for all my life. We are the proud owners of a puppy. His name is Barney and he is a jack-chi-pom-shih. In other words, a tiny mut with massive ears and an obsession with chewing my hair and my toes. And anything else he can find, … More Barney


It’s been so long since I last posted that I actually forgot the name of this blog. Which is worrying, since it is my name with ‘bug’ tacked on the end. I am very forgettable though, so let’s hope it’s that rather than the onset of dementia. Fingers crossed, eh. I haven’t written anything in … More Engaged


The other day Ian and I went to see the fireworks at Leeds Castle with our friend Jon. I bought a bag of Rowntree’s Randoms in the petrol station and to pass the time in the car, we played ‘Guess The Sweet’. I don’t know if you’ve experienced Rowntree’s Randoms, but if so you’ll know … More Bas?

back in blog

The last month has been quite packed with exciting stuff, number one of which was the big move, which explains my long absence from the blogosphere. We’ve managed to get internet access today, which means that as of today we would probably give up unpacking, if we hadn’t already abandoned that idea long ago. The … More back in blog


I am looking forward to the day I get a puppy. I have always wanted a puppy, but instead my mum and dad fobbed me off with hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils and bunnies*. Then when we finally acquired a dog it was by way of my great uncle who couldn’t look after his middle aged … More Wowser

‘Cave’ becomes a nonsense word if you write it too many times

Ian is sitting on his moonchair playing Skyrim as I sit behind him on the sofa, faffing around on the laptop. “I’m on a mission with some guy, and we’re in a cave,” he informed me, over his shoulder. “A cave-bear attacked us, and other guy said ‘You should never have come here, cave-bear,’ when … More ‘Cave’ becomes a nonsense word if you write it too many times

Kettles and bears

Today I belatedly read my friend Stew’s post about his love for his kettle (at first I thought he meant kettling, which surprised me. The realisation that he meant his kettle made much more sense). He likes it because it – sorry, she – presents him with her interpretation of the Northern Lights, and this … More Kettles and bears