What’s in a name

Roughly a million years ago I half-arsedly posted a list of funny things Ian says, so I could feel as though I had updated my blog and could thusly feel better about sitting on the sofa eating M&Ms (is it just me who calls these nyemnyems?). This was cheating and I knew it, and the … More What’s in a name


It has finally happened. The day I have waited for all my life. We are the proud owners of a puppy. His name is Barney and he is a jack-chi-pom-shih. In other words, a tiny mut with massive ears and an obsession with chewing my hair and my toes. And anything else he can find, … More Barney


I am looking forward to the day I get a puppy. I have always wanted a puppy, but instead my mum and dad fobbed me off with hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils and bunnies*. Then when we finally acquired a dog it was by way of my great uncle who couldn’t look after his middle aged … More Wowser