I went to London last weekend with my family. It was lovely, we spent the day in Winter Wonderland, had an amazing meal, then caught a show – One Man, Two Guv’nors, which was hilarious, in case you were wondering. Watching an old man repeatedly fall down a flight of stairs is actually much funnier … More stained

Doctor Who?

Ian and I went for Sunday roast with my family earlier, as we usually do. It’s always an amusing affair, usually because my nana is off following her own train of thought and throws the odd non-sequitur in at a crucial juncture. Here is what happened this week. “Did you like the peas?” my mum … More Doctor Who?

Beep beep.

At work today my phone beeped to tell me it had failed to download a picture message from my sister. One single picture message – only one. Beep beep, it said, forlornly. It’s ok, Phone, I told it. It’s from my sister. It’s probably a picture of a fat pigeon or our dad asleep in … More Beep beep.