Boom baby

My baby girl was born at 8.07am, during a rainstorm that hit after a month of bright blue May skies. I say ‘she was born’ rather than ‘I gave birth to’ because I didn’t. To me, giving birth implies I actually had an input into the proceedings. I did not. As she and I approached our … More Boom baby


Life with two babies is, as everyone assures me, way more than double the work. So I try to forgive myself for the fact I haven’t updated on Wilbie’s progress at all, but I am kicking myself for it because I know these days, weeks, months, years go so quickly and you forget so much. … More Duddles


My second baby arrived in a much less dramatic manner. Having a c-section once means you can opt for an elective c-section the next time round, so that’s what I did. I compromised by agreeing to wait a week past my due date to see if he decided to arrive on his own, but honestly … More Buruburu

Feet, mama

Ian takes her up at bedtime to clean teeth and put jamas on, and I get summoned when shes ready to go to bed. The last few times she has run out on the landing yelling “Mama! Mama! Ready!” And as I climb the stairs I ask her where her feet are. “Where are those … More Feet, mama


We’re approaching the terrible twos. She knows all her colours (but confuses bue and purple every now and then) and when she counts it goes “mama, too, fwee, foh, fiyve, six, eight, too, fwee, fiyve!”. She loves stairs. Loves ’em. Try and walk her past a set of stairs and she will lose all her … More Bubbles?

On your bott

Today my baby is one week away from 20 months. She’s definitely not a baby anymore. Sometimes I look at pictures of her as a baby and I don’t quite recognise her. I know she is Thea, but in my mind’s eye, Thea has looked like she looks right now from the moment she was … More On your bott

One more night

I am lying in bed. More accurately, I am lying on a mattress on the floor where my bed used to be because the bed itself has, like all the other beds in this house, been taken to bits ready for the movers who will be arriving first thing tomorrow. I have to be up … More One more night

My baby’s baby

We went shopping the other day with my sister who is a real sucker for buying Thea presents. On this occasion Thea got a bit fixated with a small gobliny doll that is kind of cute and really ugly at the same time. It’s (her?) eyes are almost the same brown as Thea’s and as … More My baby’s baby


She is now almost 16 months old and hitting 17 month old milestones. She can say mama, Dada, nana, papa, werhwa (Sara); duck (duk), dog (doh), tortoise (totu), apple (appa), ball (bawh). She can ee ee like a mouse, rarh like a lion, oo oo like a monkey. We were in a card shop the … More Bitica

13 months

My daughter is 13 months old today. We are laying together in my bed as I try to convince her to go to sleep. She’s had a bath and smells amazing, her hair that isn’t quite long enough to go into pigtails is fluffy and soft, and she keeps pinching me with her tiny kitten … More 13 months

Little badger

I’m lying in bed listening to my baby breathe softly. It’s 7.30pm and she is lying in a next-to-me crib that we’ve borrowed along with many other useful baby things from my sister. This crib goes (unsurprisingly) next to my bed and is designed so that I can see her as I fall asleep and … More Little badger